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Team Building

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” - Japanese proverb

Score a goal with better team work! Our aim at Sport Evasion is to get results moving. We have an active solution that will unite your people and empower your team. Your company can get more positive results when you tap into the true potential your team has to offer. Team work is the secret to motivation, efficiency and performance. It keeps your firm ahead of the game in times of crisis. But getting the most out of team work is challenging. It involves team building skills and the expertise to create winning team dynamics. And this is where Sport Evasion comes onto the field to take things to the next level. Give us individual employees and we'll give you a team that is bonded by common values, solidarity and professionalism. We help firms and management to see their staff as valuable team members rather than individual workers. And we ultimately make your staff, your people and your family.

Our approach tackles team building from all angles and is in-depth. Our comprehensive method takes into consideration the five fundamental behind team dynamics:

  • TEAM member
  • TEAM relationships
  • TEAM problem solving ability
  • TEAM leadership
  • The organizational environment

Team building is an essential pillar in any working environment. It is a catalyst for self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together and serve a common goal. It creates a winning team.

Bespoke Approach

Each company is unique and every business is different. This is why Sport Evasion dives into diverse approaches to team building. Just as a soccer team’s strategy changes depending on its opponent, our team building events change to best suit your needs.

Kick off with the Sport Evasion edge:

  • Our tailor-made events have successfully benefitted some of Lebanon's and UAE’s leading firms by enhancing communication and teamwork.
  • Our team building events stand out given our years of know-how, expertise and dedication to quality.
  • Building on the old, we always create novel activities to provide you with a fresh perspective and ensure you leave each event with something new.
  • We create tailor-made events for entry and mid level management and also have special action plans for leadership and top executives.
  • Our services are not limited to Lebanon. We answer the needs of the GCC and other Arab countries.
  • Our private team building experiences can cover a wide range of relevant elements like ice breaking, communication skills, time management, planning, problem solving and team dynamics.
  • We have partners in Europe and the USA and can take your team on a much more original adventure in more challenging environments.

Our Corporate Concepts

Over the years we have developed a remarkable set of trademark team building activities. These signature activities have become a reference for team building in the region, and we are proud to be the pioneers who dashed ahead of the race. We organize sports competitions that encourage every single person at a company to collaborate with his/her colleagues. In this original context, the entire firm moves as one .

We make play work for you with a variety of tailored activities and regular events:

  • Beirut Corporate Games
  • Football Inc.
  • Paintball Inc.
  • Basketball Inc.
  • Eco Mission

All firms dream of having eager employees who are motivated to come to the office every day and to make a positive impact on the firm's success. We have what it takes to make this dream a reality thanks to our extensive experience in organizing corporate entertainment events and leadership development programs. Our events boost motivation and improve self-esteem, meaning your team members will feel like champions and will take your firm even closer to being number one.


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